The best VR events platform.

We create 3D virtual spaces for B2B and B2C trade fairs, conferences and events.
Create something unique, transform your live events into a new experience made of virtual pavilions, booths, conference and webinar halls and much more.

V-Expo is the new high-tech 3d platform that can host all sorts of online event.

Virtual Halls
3D Virtual pavilions where different sized booths can be organized according to
customer’s needs.
Conference Halls
Virtual Auditoriums where live or broadcasted speeches or conferences can be played.
Visitors can actively partecipate through a Q&A chat.
Virtual Booths
Fully and autonomously customizable booths where all companies’ material can be
displayed: photos, videos, brochures and much more just like at in-person events.
Our solutions

Fully brand your event & engage your audience

Make your event unique taking it as an opportunity of brand awareness. Our virtual world is equipped with lots of screens and spaces where ADVs can be placed and



Engage your audience offering something different: not just a conference, not just booths to visit and interact with, not just webinars.



Broadcast live messages to all on-line attendees with specific calls to action (eg invite to visit a specific booth or remind of a specific upcoming speech).

Collect valuable information such as booths visits and interactions improving your events and giving precious information to your customers.

Improve your event tracking behaviour


Virtual business cards

Get your audience to create their virtual business cards to interact with others in order to don’t miss any opportunity, enlarge network, and be able to get back to each other.


Track interactions

The single booth owner will so be able to track interactions understanding visitors interests and follow up the market need.


Analyze data

Analyze data of your event and be ready for what’s next.

Our advantages
The event can be dressed up as required by customer. Together with our design team it can be set up in plenty of ways
Cost effective
No venue nor traveling expenses. All you need to pay for is a small fee to set up and customize your virtual platform and you are good to go
Easy access
Your customers can join from anywhere they want, and you will be able to accommodate as many attendees and exhibitors as you want
Time saving
Virtual events can be successfully organized and hosted on short notice and also attendees end up saving travelling time
Get your customers to individually e-meet through real-time chat and collect as much information as possible
You can easily take track of users’ behavior and based on it you can improve your strategy and plans

Take your business to the next level.

Keep up with today’s innovation: take your business to the digital level and make your future using the global connections in a 3D virtual fair.

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